TRACE™ 1310 GC Analyzers for Aromatics in Fuels

Easily analyze single or multiple spark ignition fuel samples using the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1310 GC Analyzers for aromatics (BTEX) in fuels. These automated gas chromatography systems measure and report aromatics, benzene, toluene, etc. in spark ignition fuels, such as gasoline. They are preconfigured, method tested, and ready to analyze samples after installation, using the Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) to acquire and analyze data. Each system is delivered with methods pre-installed and a complete documentation package.

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    Three TRACE 1310 gas chromatography systems are available. Each is configured for analyzing gasoline (spark ignition fuels) according to ASTM standard test methods.

    • TRACE 1310 GC for benzene and toluene by ASTM D3606 – A thermal conductivity detector (TCD) detects and quantitates aromatics in spark ignition fuels such as gasoline and aviation fuels specified in ASTM D3606. The stripper column holds hydrocarbons up for backflush to prevent contamination of aromatics column.
    • TRACE 1310 GC for aromatics by ASTM D5580 – An FID channel detects and quantitates finished gasoline as specified in ASTM D7754. The stripper column holds non-aromatic hydrocarbons, which are back flushed to vent to prevent background contamination.
    • TRACE 1310 GC for gasoline by ASTM D4815, 3606, and 5580 – A combination analyzer for gasoline, it analyzes for oxygenates or aromatics. An FID channel detects and quantitates oxygenate compounds in spark ignition fuels (gasoline) as specified in the ASTM method D4815. Includes TCD channel to detect aromatic hydrocarbons by ASTM 3606. The stripper column holds hydrocarbons, which are vented by a pressure point tee to prevent contamination of oxygenates column.

    Built to maximize productivity and uptime

    • Systems features Instant Connect detector modules increasing uptime with detector exchange in minutes
    • Heated sample bulkheads ensure complete sample transfer
    • Automated injection for liquid samples
    • Optimized system footprint to reduce bench space requirement.


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