Vanquish Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC Workflows

Use the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC Systems to support four workflows (Dual LC, Tandem LC or LC-MS, Dual LC-MS and Inverse Gradient) by combining two flow paths in one integrated UHPLC solution. These workflows improve your productivity by saving time, reducing cost per sample, increasing capacity without added bench, and using your resources more efficiently. Vanquish Duo UHPLC Systems expand the benefits of the Vanquish platform without compromising performance, robustness, or ease-of-use


    Four supported workflows. Two flow paths. One integrated system.

    • Increase your sample throughput
    • Free up valuable bench space
    • Enhance qualitative and quantitative sample knowledge
    • Reduce your cost per sample
    • Streamline your workflow using intelligent software tools

    Vanquish Duo for Dual LC

    Double your throughput, deepen your sample knowledge and better utilize your bench space with the Vanquish Duo for Dual LC workflow, a two channel LC, for improved return on investment.

    Vanquish Duo for Tandem LC or LC-MS

    Increase your lab’s throughput and return on investment with the Vanquish Duo for Tandem LC or LC-MS workflow, an instrument for offline column regeneration, to efficiently use your detector or mass spectrometer and maximize the output.

    Vanquish Duo for Transcend Duo LX-2

    Double the throughput of your LC-MS application with the Vanquish Duo for Transcend Duo LX-2. Run up to two applcations simultaneously with a multi-channel LC while benefiting from the robustness, performance and ease of use build into the Vanquish platform.

    Vanquish Duo for Inverse Gradient LC

    Improve your lab’s quantification capabilities with the Vanquish Duo for Inverse Gradient, employing the unique and universal Charged Aerosol Detection, to quantify all non-volatile and semi-volatile compounds even when no reference standard is available.

    More productivity with ease

    • Save time spent on user training with Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) wizards for the use with Vanquish Duo Systems.
    • Control two independent flow paths from a single user interface with fully compliant Chromeleon CDS.
    • Save time using the Chromeleon CDS software for data analysis.
    • Seamlessly integrate with a mass spectrometry or other detector.


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