TRACE™ 1310 Refinery Gas Analyzers

Experience outstanding reliability and performance in your gas chromatography analyses with Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1310 Refinery Gas. Analyzers. We offer a wide selection of configurations for ASTM D1945, ASTM D7833, UOP 539, ASTM 2163, GPA 2166/2286, and ISO 6974. Pre-configured and factory tested, all configurations of TRACE 1310 Refinery Gas Analyzers are ready to analyze your samples right out of the box. Experience easier maintenance and greater uptime with patented Instant Connect modularity. We offer six models to select from based upon your sample requirements and all deliver ‘Fast RGA’ performance. Each system includes a start-up guide with troubleshooting tips and full plumbing diagrams.

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    Ready to Install and Run Samples

    • Fully configured and factory tested
    • Designed to meet industry standard methods – ASTM UOP ISO
    • Method delivered with system
    • Commission and training on installation

    Variety of configurations to meet your requirements

    • 3-Three-channel configurations
      • Ch1: PG & CO2, Ch2: C1-C8, Ch3: H2/He
      • Ch1: PG & CO2, Ch2: C1-C5 C6+, Ch:3 H2/He
      • Ch1: PG & CO2 H2S, Ch2: C1-C5 C6+, Ch:3 H2/He
    • 3-Four-channel configurations for expanded capability
      • Ch1: PG & CO2, Ch2: C1-C5 C6+, Ch3: C1-C8, Ch4: H2/He
      • Ch1: PG & CO2, Ch2: C1-C8, Ch:3 low level CO & CO2, Ch:4 H2/He
      • Ch1: PG & CO2, Ch2: C1-C8, Ch:3 H2/He, Ch4: Sulfur speciation

    Built for speed and flexibility

    • All systems are ‘fast RGA’ designs for faster sample turnaround
    • Two-oven design – Temperature programmable GC Oven and independent isothermal valve oven can hold up to 6 columns for optimal column management
    • System features Instant Connect detector modules, increasing uptime with detector exchange in minutes
    • Four independent detector signals for simultaneous data collection, simplified data reduction and troubleshooting
    • Optional third isothermal oven for molecular sieve columns
    • Designed for increased uptime and ease of support
    • Spacious independent valve oven with easy access to valves, rotors, actuators
    • Heated sample bulkheads ensure complete sample transfer
    • Optimized system footprint to reduce bench space requirement.


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