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The Thermo Scientific Quattro ESEM combines all-around performance in imaging and analytics with a unique environmental mode (ESEM) that allows samples to be studied in their natural state. It is ideal for a wide variety of academic, industrial, and government labs that want the versatility and ease-of-use needed for multiple users of different experience levels and disciplines on a platform that also supports unique in situ experiments. The Quattro ESEM features a field emission gun (FEG), which ensures excellent resolution, while its three vacuum modes (high vacuum, low vacuum, and ESEM) provide the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of samples, of any SEM available, including those that are outgassing or otherwise not vacuum-compatible.

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    High-performance versatility
    The Quattro ESEM is a highly versatile analytical platform, thanks to its chamber, which accommodates a range of accessories. Analytical capabilities include energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) with ports for 180-degree dual EDS attachment, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) coplanar with EDS, and wavelength dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (WDS).
    The Quattro ESEM supports an optional high-vacuum heating stage, Thermo Scientific AutoScript 4 Software (a Python-based scripting tool), and a new RGB cathodoluminescence (CL) detector. The RGB CL detector produces color images, highlighting sample properties not visible with conventional electron or X-ray imaging techniques. The high vacuum heating stage allows for clean sample observations at high temperature. With AutoScript 4 Software, users can program imaging and stage movements for unattended data acquisition.

    Quattro ESEM applications include:
    ⦁ Metals and alloys, fractures, welds, polished sections, magnetic and superconducting materials
    ⦁ Ceramics, composites, plastics
    ⦁ Films/coatings
    ⦁ Geological sections, minerals
    ⦁ Soft materials: polymers, pharmaceuticals, filters, gels, tissues, plant material
    ⦁ Particles, porous materials, fibers

    Characterization in situ
    ⦁ Crystallization/phase transformation
    ⦁ Oxidation, catalysis
    ⦁ Material growth
    ⦁ Hydration/dehydration/wetting/contact angle analysis
    ⦁ Tensile (with heating or cooling)

    Dynamic in situ experiments
    The Quattro ESEM’s versatility makes it well-suited for a broad range of topics in materials science. It is equally adept at performing conventional high-resolution SEM imaging/analysis and dynamic in situ experiments. It allows researchers to study a wide range of samples in their natural state for the most accurate information about structure and composition.

    Unique environmental mode
    The Quattro ESEM’s environmental SEM capability allows scientists to study materials in a range of conditions, such as wet/humid, hot, or reactive environments, as they develop new materials and products for a myriad of disciplines, including construction, automotive, packaging, coatings and energy. The Quattro ESEM features the unique ability to study the progress of chemical reactions, such as oxidation, corrosion, etching, crystal growth, and catalysis, significantly impacting science and the environment.

    Key Features

    ⦁ Dynamic in situ experiments
    In situ study of materials in their natural state: unique high resolution FEG-SEM with environmental mode (ESEM). In situ analysis at temperatures ranging from -165°C to 1400°C with a range of cryo, Peltier and heating stages.

    ⦁ Minimize sample preparation time
    Low vacuum and ESEM capability enable charge-free imaging and analysis of nonconductive and/or hydrated specimens.

    ⦁ Sample observation
    Observe all information from all samples with simultaneous SE and BSE imaging in every mode of operation.

    ⦁ Excellent analytical capabilities
    Excellent analytical capabilities with a chamber that allows up to 3 simultaneous EDS detectors, EDS ports that are separated 180°, WDS, and coplanar EDS/EBSD. Excellent analysis of non-conductive samples: accurate EDS and EBSD are enabled in low vacuum with the Quattro ESEM’s through-the-lens pumping.

    ⦁ Flexible and precise
    Flexible and precise eucentric sample stage with a tilt range of 105° for sample observation from all perspectives.

    ⦁ Easy to use with innovative options
    Easy to use, intuitive software with user guidance and undo function. Work faster with fewer mouse clicks. New innovative options, including a retractable RGB cathodoluminescence (CL) detector, a 1100°C high vacuum heating stage and AutoScript 4 Software, a Python-based scripting tool (API).


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