Krios G4 Cryo-TEM

Atomic resolution cryo-EM instrument with enhanced productivity and compact design. The new award-winning Thermo Scientific Krios G4 Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope (Cryo-TEM) enables you to unravel life at the molecular level—easier, faster, and more reliably than ever before. The most compact TEM in its class, the Krios G4 Cryo-TEM consists of a highly stable 300 kV TEM platform and the industry-leading Autoloader (a cryogenic sample manipulation robot), making it ideally suited for automated applications such as single-particle analysis (SPA), cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) and micro-electron diffraction (microED).


    Through a thorough redesign of the mechanical base frame and system enclosure, the microscope height has been reduced to below 3 m, which allows for instrument installation in labs with a ceiling height below 3.04 m (~10 ft), preventing costly room renovations. Built-in connectivity ensures a robust and risk-free pathway throughout the entire workflow, from sample preparation and optimization to image acquisition and data processing.

    Solve structures at record-breaking resolutions
    ⦁ Pair the Krios G4 Cryo-TEM with the Thermo Scientific E-CFEG and the groundbreaking Thermo Scientific Selectris and Selectris X Imaging Filters to advance cryo-EM discovery with unprecedented resolution, speed, and ease of use.
    ⦁ The E-CFEG is a cold field emission gun with a narrow energy spread that results in higher contrast images and enables atomic resolution. This add-on makes it possible to efficiently solve structures at resolutions of 2.0 Å or less.
    ⦁ Selectris Imaging Filters provide unique stability, accessibility, and performance. Paired with the Thermo Scientific Falcon 4 Direct Electron Detector, these two add-ons produce better quality images up to 10 times faster than the previous generation.
    ⦁ An article published in Nature details how structural biologists used a Krios Cryo-TEM equipped with a Selectris Imaging Filter prototype to study protein structures at never-before-achieved resolutions, obtaining a 1.2 Å resolution structure of the iron-storing protein apoferritin and a 1.7 Å resolution of the GABA type A receptor-associated protein, with an even sharper resolution in key parts of the protein.

    Key Features

    ⦁ See the throughput impact of the Falcon 4 Direct Electron Detector with 10 times shorter exposure times than previous generations.

    ⦁ Aberration-free image shift (AFIS) is an optical mode for faster data acquisition without comprising image quality. AFIS performs large beam shifts without off-axis coma and astigmatism.

    ⦁ Acquire more images per sample area with fringe-free imaging (FFI), enhancing your daily data throughput.

    ⦁ Make the most of your day with enhanced automation for acquisition setup, system remote monitoring to optimize microscope utilization, on-the-fly imaging with quality monitoring, and data management and project administration.


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