Nicolet™ Summit™ OA FTIR Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ Summit™ OA FTIR Spectrometer is a dedicated analyzer for rapid characterization of oils, liquids, syrups and pastes samples. An integrated zinc selenide (ZnSe) horizontal attenuated total reflectance (HATR) accessory delivers constant and reproducible pathlength, ideal for both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Reduce the number of steps to take measurements by automating tasks with workflows using the intuitive Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Paradigm Software run on a built-in Windows® computer.

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The Nicolet Summit OA FTIR Spectrometer delivers reliable data by minimizing the steps needed to measure and identify materials – all in a rugged, compact footprint. Easily develop custom workflows in OMNIC Paradigm specific to the demands of your facility. Bundle application-specific workflows into packages for easy implementation.

Trusted high-performance optics
For the ultimate in reliability and accuracy, the Nicolet Summit OA FTIR Spectrometer is designed with our unique LightDrive Optical Engine.

  • Improve data reproducibility: state-of-the-art infrared source eliminates hot spot migration, resulting in more consistent spectral data, especially through the integrated HATR accessory
  • Low-cost ownership: 10-year warranty on IR source, interferometer and laser for minimal maintenance. Service and support contracts and training are also available from Unity™ Lab Services or from our worldwide network of qualified dealers.
  • Factory-verified specification (not just “typical” or “achievable” results)

Software to shorten your workday
The user-friendly interface of the OMNIC Paradigm Software (desktop, touchscreen and operator modes) makes life in the lab less complicated. Create workflows to streamline data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

  • Reduce workflow set-up time: an intuitive, visual workflow creator with a drag-and-drop functionality guides you through the workflow creation.
  • Multiple modes of operation: with OMNIC Paradigm Desktop mode, find what you need quickly from the Dashboard screen, create libraries or perform multi-component searching. Use the Operate mode to present operators with a simplified interface for running packaged workflows.
  • Data analysis anytime, anywhere: with full Wi-Fi connectivity you can send data to your Thermo Fisher Connect account in the Cloud and analyze data away from the lab. Or, share data and collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world to accelerate research.


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