TSQ Endura™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

From forensic toxicology to environmental analysis to pharmaceutical research, a constant in almost every field is the need for greater productivity; to quantify more samples in less time with greater reliability and confidence, and to do it all on ever tighter budgets. The Thermo Scientific™ Endura™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer meets these needs with unsurpassed value. It delivers best-in-class sensitivity run after run and day after day regardless of sample type or matrix, and does so with an ease-of-use that takes the worry out of method development and operation.

With best in class sensitivity, unprecedented usability, and exceptional robustness, the TSQ Endura triple quadrupole mass spectrometer delivers exceptional value.

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    Quantitative Performance and Value
    ⦁ Ion optics—RF-Lens, ion beam guide with neutral blocker and quadrupole mass filter –combine to reduce noise and increase sensitivity for enhanced quantitative performance
    ⦁ Ultrafast selected-reaction monitoring (SRM) of 500 SRM/s, with up to 30,000 definable SRMs, enables quantification of more compounds in less time
    ⦁ Five order of dynamic range increases quantitative confidence

    Easy, Robust, and Reliable
    ⦁ Intuitive drag-and-drop method editor software with application templates simplifies method development and operation
    ⦁ Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Max NG™ ion source reduces noise, simplifies operation, and improves reliability
    ⦁ Optional Thermo Scientific™ Ion Max NG™, EASY-Spray NG™ and Nanospray Flex NG™ ion sources provide flexibility

    Increased Productivity with Application-Specific Software
    ⦁ Thermo Scientific™ TraceFinder™ software provides an extensive database of SRM parameters as well as a set of preconfigured, but customizable, report templates for environmental, food safety, clinical research, and forensic toxicology applications
    ⦁ Thermo Scientific™ LCQUAN™ software is a 21 CFR Part 11-compliant solution for method development, data review, processing, reporting, and data export in drug discovery and development experiments


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