TruScan™ GP Analyzer

Eliminate dangerous counterfeit or substandard products from your supply chain. The Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ GP Analyzer provides quick, easy to use raw material identification and finished product inspection to screen out counterfeit substances and reduce supply chain risk. Building on the proven capability of our flagship Thermo Scientific™ TruScan™ RM Analyzer, the TruScan GP Analyzer is designed to provide cost-effective material quality control to pharmaceutical manufacturers and chemical companies in emerging global markets.

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    The TruScan GP Analyzer is the newest member in our family of handheld Raman spectrometers for raw material identification and finished product inspection. Light, fast, and portable, the TruScan GP Analyzer can be used at the point-of-need to decrease sampling costs and increase inventory turns.  Designed for intuitive operation, its nondestructive point-and-shoot sampling facilitates rapid identification of a broad range of chemical compounds through sealed packaging to minimize the risk of contamination and exposure. The analyzer requires minimal training and has an audit trail for GMP compliance.

    Overall performance provides fast results, and enables quick signature development and data synchronization.

    Broad Material Coverage
    State-of-the-art optics allow measurement of materials for which Raman analysis was traditionally considered too slow.

    Built-in smart features, such as assisted signature acquisition and device qualification warnings, ensure successful material identification and prevent user error.

    Easy to Use
    Intuitive user interface is consistent with current good manufacturing processes. The embedded administration makes “on the go” analysis quick and simple.

    Weighing less than 2 pounds (0.9kg), the analyzer is ergonomically designed to increase comfort and productivity during inspections.

    – Pharmaceutical incoming raw material identification
    – Counterfeit screening
    – Chemical manufacturing raw material and finished product identification


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