Niton™ Apollo Handheld LIBS Analyzer

Confidently perform elemental analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ Apollo™ handheld LIBS analyzer. When carbon detection and mobility are top of mind, industrial businesses rely on the Niton Apollo for superior performance and enhanced productivity. Identify low alloy/ carbon steels and L and H grade steels. The Niton Apollo transforms a traditional cart-mounted Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) system into a highly portable, easy to use handheld analyzer.

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    Features & Benefits
    ⦁ 1064nm Laser
    ⦁ WiFi Enabled
    ⦁ Macro and Micro Cameras
    ⦁ Hot Swap Battery (Milwaukee® Compatible)
    ⦁ Tilting, Color Touchscreen
    ⦁ Directional Keys
    ⦁ Chamber Pressure, Spectral Type, Light/ Dark Sensor Safety Interlocks
    ⦁ Password Protected Security
    ⦁ IP54 Certified (Splash/ Dust Proof)

    ⦁ Determine alloy composition and grade for a wide range of metallurgical samples
    ⦁ Calculate carbon equivalency to determine piping weldability
    ⦁ Verify critical assets, such as, piping, valves and reaction vessels for Positive Material Identification (PMI)
    ⦁ Inspect materials at receiving, in-process fabrication and outgoing Quality Control (QC)
    ⦁ Qualify Material Test Reports (MTR)
    ⦁ Prevent contaminated scrap from entering the supply stream
    ⦁ Detect tramp and trace elements to meet regulatory standards


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