TRACE™ 1310 GC Analyzers for Permanent Gases & Trace Impurities

Refuse to compromise by choosing from our variety of Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1310 gas chromatography systems for the analysis of industrial gas streams. These systems can be used in laboratories and in pilot/scale-up to at-line environments. Whether you need to analyze permanent gases, hydrogen, low levels of CO/CO2, impurities in chlorine, trace-level impurities in pure gases or a combination of those analyses, there is a system to meet your requirements. TRACE 1310 analyzers for industrial gas streams come pre-configured, factory tested and ready to connect to your lab services.

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    Ready to Install and Run Samples

    • Fully configured and factory tested before delivery
    • Full documentation set
      • start-up and troubleshooting guide
      • detailed flow and plumbing schematics
      • spare parts list
      • method and factory test results

    Built to maximize productivity and uptime

    • Two-oven design: Temperature programmable GC Oven and independent isothermal valve oven can hold up to six packed columns for optimal column management
    • Features Instant Connect detector modules, increasing uptime with detector exchange in minutes
    • Optional third isothermal oven for molecular sieve columns
    • Spacious independent valve oven with easy access to valves, rotors, and actuators
    • Heated sample bulkheads ensure complete sample transfer
    • Optimized system footprint to reduce bench space requirement
    • Permanent Gas – CO/CO2
      • Single channel system for N2, O2, CO, and CO2
      • Single channel for low level CO and CO2
      • Dual channel system for N2, O2, and low-level CO/CO2
      • Dual Channel system for N2, O2, CO, CO2 and H2
    • Trace-level impurities at ppb-ppt in pure gases
      • Impurities in Oxygen – H2, Ar, N2, CO, CO2 and C1-C4
      • Impurities in Helium – H2, Ar, N2, O2, CO, CO2 and C1-C4
      • Impurities in inert, pure gases – H2, Ar, N2, O2, CO, CO2 and C1-C4
    • Impurities in Chlorine Gas
      • Channel 1 – H2
      • Channel 2 – Ar, N2, O2, CO, CO2 and C1-C4


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