HPLC and UHPLC Systems

Discover the next-generation Vanquish™ UHPLC systems, our proven UltiMate™ 3000 product line, and the EASY-nLC™ system.

Vanquish Flex UHPLC System– Built for Biopharma

Built on our award winning Vanquish UHPLC platform, the Vanquish Flex system is designed for maximum flexibility to meet all of the necessary applications and method development for the biopharmaceutical market and any other development workflows.. This biocompatible UHPLC system includes state-of-the-art quaternary solvent blending for method development and application flexibility.

Vanquish UHPLC System– High Performance UHPLC

Designed for extra high performance and throughput, the high-end, state-of-the-art Vanquish UHPLC system was conceived for the uniquely efficient, smaller 1.5 µm solid core particle column. The system handles samples with more accuracy, controls separations with more power and greater confidence, detects analytes with more sensitivity, and features easy maintenance with tool-free connections.

UltiMate 3000 Basic Automated System

Enjoy cost effective, automated HPLC and UHPLC. Ideal for teaching or moderate throughput applications. Includes an isocratic or quaternary pump and integrated autosampler and heated column compartment.

UltiMate 3000 Basic Manual System

Enjoy cost effective access to HPLC and UHPLC separations. System features an isocratic pump and manual sample injection in a simple, expandable system where modularity makes anything possible.

UltiMate 3000 Standard Quaternary System

Get mobile phase flexibility for your high-throughput routine or R&D separations. With a wide mixing portfolio for gradient delay volume adjustment,, four-solvent gradient support, excellent flow stability and an unique choice of detection technologies, this system excels where moderately fast gradient response is acceptable to gain the advantages of improved flexibility such as in the following applications:

UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano System with ProFlow Technology

Achieve high chromatographic separation at nano- and micro-flow rates. Adapt your applications to your needs. Whether you need nano-flow for ultimate sensitivity or micro-flow for high throughput this system will deliver excellent chromatography.

EASY-nLC 1200 System

Achieve effortless nano-flow separations with this 1200 bar system. Ideal for LC-MS applications, this system is designed for intuitive operation and great performance.

UltiMate 3000 Standard Binary System

Achieve stable retention times and accurate gradients in a high-throughput environment. This system is an ideal choice for fast LC and LC-MS applications, such as demanding routine analyses and high-throughput workflows in QC laboratories with a special focus on throughput, productivity, and uptime.

HPLC Pumps
Retention time precision is the key to highest data confidence in peak identification and quantification. Our industry-leading pumps provide excellent flow accuracy and precision from nano LC to standard and UHPLC applications, and up to semi-preparative flow rates.

Isocratic HPLC Pumps

Get outstandingly stable peak retention times for routine but highly productive isocratic applications. These pumps are ideal for: QA/QC using refractive index detection; high sensitivity for low level analytes when using the biocompatible pump with an electrochemical (EC) pump; or as an auxiliary pump for LC-MS make-up flows.

Binary HPLC Pumps

Choose these pumps for: high-speed, high-resolution applications, improved binary method flexibility for UHPLC applications, or faster analysis and lower solvent consumption for HPLC or sub-2μm particle columns. Use the biocompatible semi-preparative binary pump to purify μg to low mg biological compounds.

Quaternary HPLC Pumps

These pumps are all about maximum flexibility and delivering stable peak retention times for the widest possible application range. Use this pump for excellent solvent proportioning required for fast, high-resolution separations; a range of HPLC/UHPLC applications and LC-MS applications.

Dual Gradient HPLC Pumps

Use these pumps to increase sample throughput, achieve higher chromatographic resolutions, automate sample preparation, or switch between applications without replumbing. Use the biocompatible dual gradient pump to take advantage of parallel or tandem 2D-LC.

Nano/Capillary HPLC Pumps

Obtain accurate gradients at the lowest nano flow rates to maximize sensitivity. Switch between nano, capillary, and micro flow rates without tools in minutes. The nano/capillary flow pump offers flexibility for 2D applications and has a heated column compartment for improved precision.

HPLC Column Compartments

Temperature rules retention, selectivity, and efficiency in chromatography. These column compartments allow for accurate and precise thermostatting and perfect alignment of eluent and column temperature to optimize your separation.

HPLC Autosamplers and Injectors

Combine maximum injection precision with huge sample capacity and high throughput capabilities. These autosamplers are optimized for highest ruggedness and uptime to ensure reliable nL to mL injections at any time.

See the most in your sample. Choose from different flavors of detectors like diode array, multiple wavelength, variable wavelength, fluorescence, refractive index, electrochemical and charged aerosol detectors. Or add the pH and conductivity monitor to your system.

Electrochemical Detectors

These detectors are ideal for obtaining sensitive and selective measurement of compounds in complex matrices, such as neurotransmitters, pharmaceutical or clinical diagnostics, that undergo oxidation or reduction.

Fluorescence Detectors

These detectors provide maximum stray light suppression for unrivaled detection sensitivity, allowing you to develop highly selective methods with sensitivities three to six orders of magnitude greater than UV detection.

Diode Array Detectors

Our charged aerosol detectors provide excellent stoichiometric information across all components. Get sensitive, universal detection with a near-uniform response.

Variable Wavelength Detectors

Variable wavelength detectors combine strong linearity and trace detection capabilities and are well suited for routine use.

Refractive Index Detectors

RI detection is a cost-effective solution for the analysis of sugars, polymers, surfactants and other compounds that do not contain a chromphore.